Episode 3: Just Breathe - Prana, Pranayama, and Power

  • 3 part breath is an expansion on natural breath by actively breathing into the 3 distinct areas that breath naturally flows while balancing here actions for uninhibited and unforced breath (diaphragm, mid chest, top chest)

  • Enhancing breathing efficiency reduces sympathetic activity while strengthening parasympathetic activity, improving baroreflex sensitivity- similar to beta blockers, ACE inhibitors or vagal nerve stimulators controlling pressure and inflammation, endothelial dysfunction

  • The energy body is the flow of prana, chakras, andis and prana, vayu. When they are imbalanced there are energy blockages, especially int he chakras and lack of breath awareness. When they are in balance there is breath awareness, pranayama, connection to nature and other sources of prana

  • What does your breath says about you?

  • What is pranayama?

  • Take time everyday to slow down and breathe. Use your breath in stressful situations.

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Quote: “There’s a path from me to you I’m constantly looking for.So I try to keep clean and still as water does with the moon.” Rumi

Prana has come to mean not only life but the capacity for consciousness and most especially self-consciousness which is at the heart of spiritual awareness.” Doug Keller

Tonya Drew