Getting dirty and growing strong

Our Story

Tonya Drew and Kimberly Searl both hold a Master’s of Science in Yoga Therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH), Certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapy (C-IAYT) and are recognized by Yoga Alliance (YA) as Expert-Level Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYT). While Kim and Tonya share a common passion for movement based health education, a thirst for knowledge and a shameless Love of Helping others achieve their personal goals, their lives backgrounds are quite different. Learn more about your hosts below:


Kim’s BIO:

Hey there, I’m Kimberly Searl a serial fixer, personal myth “Dispeller,” and lover of helping people organize their bones and thwarting gravity while teaching them to blend western science and eastern philosophy. Most days you can find me juggling life, career, and self-care. Yes, it is very overwhelming but I choose to live a full life. As an integrative sustainable movement educator I teach therapeutic movement through the modalities of yoga therapy, classical pilates, Ayurveda and Thai energy. I also enjoy nerding out over the creation of research designs for yoga therapy and writing case reports to further the profession. I am mostly known for reducing chronic pain, trauma recovery, balancing moods and teaching self-regulation techniques for autism. People often refer to me as authentic, generous spirit, centered, adventurous and joyous personality. The support that I have received through friends, family, clients and mentors warms my heart. I love serving the world as an health and empowerment speaker, yoga expert, and writer. I have been a life time philanthropist and advocate for social change. My grass roots efforts support homelessness, sex trafficking victims, literacy programs, and scholarship at Monroe County Community College.

The things I am most passionate about in life are painting, chanting, avocados, roses, and horseback riding. I appreciate community and friendships that happen around the globe from my work as a teacher. My teaching thus far marks the end of a decade. I serve a variety of clients who are looking to manage conditions such as musculoskeletal conditions, oncology, PTSD, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and autism. This has allowed me to obtain my masters of science in yoga therapy and be a YACEP. I guide clients to heal themselves through self-study and this guidance teaches them about their own inner peace. I inspire others to movement especial those struggling with starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I am lucky to teach clients about their body as if they are discovering it for the first time in a healthy way and witness them fall in love with their self care. I give clients tools too such as art, somatic practices, pranayama, mindfulness, meditations and many more to infuse their own self-healing. I give them the gift of vital movement practices, yoga lifestyle, creativity, love and connection with others as a way to thrive.

I’ve been spotlighted on several international magazines such as (IDEA Fitness Connection, Natural Awakenings), recognized by governor Snyder for my work in philanthropy, and research posters at the Symposium Yoga Research & Maryland University of Integrative Health Symposium.

When I’m not busy working on my business, podcasts, retreats, myself, or connections with others you can catch me: sitting under a tree or at the beach reading, watching a good movie (usually sneak in a good Mediterranean wrap), or playing with my tri-paw poodle.

If you are dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me

  1. I grew up on sheep farm and was the NorthEast Lamb and Wool Princess and 4-H Grand Champion winner.

  2. I love horses so much that I never want to wash my hands after I have been riding or grooming.

  3. I am a “country girl chic” type of cook, which means I only course chop, use lots of natural ingredients, whole foods and love to entertain.

  4. You can find me in my garden with a glass of wine, always up for good conversation with those that stop by to chat as I plant, weed and harvest.

  5. I love to do laundry and I hate to do dishes.

Still here? Let’s connect - I’d love to hear from you. You can reach be through or Are you looking for and empowerment speaker for your next event, workshop or interested in booking a movement session? Message me, I’m social: Kim Searl on Facebook, Kim.Searl on Instagram and @mindbodybalance on twitter.

Tonya’s BIO

Hey there, I’m Tonya Drew! On most days you can find me juggling family, career and self care. Yes, it sounds overwhelming, (maybe juggling sounds too much like struggling?) but it's quite the opposite. As a yoga therapist with a home studio, a busy mom and caretaker, I have positioned myself to optimize my time and energy to support the things I love and am most passionate about. People often refer to me as ambitious, and maybe a little crazy for diving headfirst into all that I do, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. With the support of my amazing husband, I love serving my community by sharing the gifts of yoga, sustainable movement, health and wellness education. I am most passionate about personal growth, learning, sharing, teaching and striving for authenticity. I am constantly inspired by my amazing family, friends and clients.

As a sustainable movement educator/ yoga therapist, I serve a variety of clients with goals ranging from fitness/flexibility training to pain relief and the management of structural conditions in the body. That said, my primary focus over the last year has been mental health and helping individuals manage anxiety, depression, PTSD and general stress. This has allowed me to explore and further marry my BS in Psychology to my MS in Yoga Therapy. I am so fortunate to offer my clients practical tools to improve their quality of life and encourage personal growth. In addition to one-on-one private sessions, I love working with small groups, leading workshops, and developing content for online client education. While I currently only teach one weekly, therapeutically informed group class, I work biannually with my local Early Head Start program (of which I was former Parent Policy President), to bring mindful movement based practices to children and staff and I fill in as needed with my local Silver Sneakers yoga program for seniors.

When I’m not busy working with clients, co-hosting a podcast or writing about my various passions, you can catch me spending quality time with my expanding family, practicing some form of self care (asana, meditation, massage, you get the idea), spending time in nature, cooking or reading. I love to geek out about science and anatomy but also enjoy being a natural mama focused on nutrition, physical activity, and being environmentally friendly.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

  1. For most of my twenties I fronted a local heavy metal band and still get the biggest adrenaline rush performing with live musicians.

  2. Though I am often viewed as highly positive and optimistic, I love and seem to be pretty skilled at dry, sarcastic humor. For me, laughter is the key to happiness and is my best way of managing adversity.

  3. I’ve always secretly dreamed of being on some sort of cooking show - channeling my inner Julia Child or Chopped contestant.

  4. I love coffee. Hot. Black.

  5. I’ve never had a personal Facebook.

Still here? Let’s connect, I’d love to hear from you! Of course you can find me at all things Where the Lotus Grows OR if you live in mid/south east Michigan and are interested in booking a session or talking professional development email