Episode 43: Healing Gemstones

All gemstones have one thing in common: they originated from the hot magma, which the inside of the earth is composed of. Thousands of years cooling, gradual movement and displacement have formed stones, rocks and even high mountains. The continuous process of geologic change causes rocks and minerals of various kinds to come into being.  The earliest reports of gems healing properties date as far back as the fourth millennium before Christ. They can be found in Sumerian writings transcriptions from Indian Vedic Texts. In Vedic tradition naturopathic medicine was known as Ayurveda. “Ayur” means life and “Veda” means wisdom. In the first Chinese medical book written 5000 years ago by Shen Nung, the Red Emperor can be found detailed descriptions of gemstones and their influence on the human body. You can find further significance attributed to gemstones in the Bible. The twelve tribes of Israel are present by twelve corresponding precious stones placed in the breastplate of Israel’s high present. Hildegard von Bingen dealt with gemstones in a comprehensive fashion and were the pillars of her medical system. The scientific writings of Paracelsus were groundbreaking for the future of medicine.  He deviled into the healing properties of minerals and gems and distinguished between chemical formulae and the elemental powers that reside within the stones.

A stone’s healing power depends upon a number of factors: how it is recovered, whether it comes into contact with acids or liquids in which crystals can grow. The therapeutic use of gems is not a new or alternative healing method. The art of healing with stones is thousands of years hold. The magic of gemstones is closely bound up with astrology. According to astrological lore, gemstones are intermediaries between the microcosm and the microcosm that resides within each of us. You can find stones that match your sign. For example Kim is a Leo and she loves to be the center of attention, her positive magnetic personality influences those around her. Diamonds motivate Leos - Diamonds are girls best friend. Under their influence, she can reach peach physical conditions. Other stones that are great for a Leo are Rock Crystal (strength and inner composure), Larimar (resolve old problems), Diamond (serve others and lead), Chrysoberyl (improves relationships and brings harmony), Topaz (pink topaz is a lucky stone and fosters honesty and fairness), Onyx (keeps the mind free and flexible), Yellow gold citrine (brings relaxation and rest), Garnett (strengths power and endurance), Peridot (strengths the immune system and aura), Selenite (modesty and self-control), Tiger’s eye (helps more inward looking), Tourmaline (Psychosomatic ailments transforms them into positive energy). Healing stones transmit their power through color and vibration. Experience their healing force in the body and learn to recognize the effects of gems, colors on the chakras the body’s energy systems. Meditations on gemstones can lead to physical health, psychological balance, self-discovery and inner clarity.  Each chakra has a special duty and vibrates at a particular frequency. This corresponds to the vibrations of certain colors and minerals. For example, Kim is working with my Sacral Chakra these days and stones that would help her in healing here may be orange beryl, orange jasper, carnelian and citrine. The color orange is a color of nourishment and circulation.

Crystal stones from Mother Earth bring many healing and sustaining properties but the overarching properties common to most are support, protection and alignment. When we work with crystals we are gifting ourselves time to just be, time to connect to our place of inner peace and harmony, our higher self. Minerals are as old as Mother Earth and crystals are highly evolved minerals. Crystals hold many of the characteristics in the organic plant kingdom that followed the planet’s evolutionary path such as self-organization, reproduction via seed crystals, receiving and transferring information. Crystal essences bring the life-force energy that is old as time from the inorganic base that supports Mother Earth, therefore crystal essences hold less karmic association than essences from the organic plant kingdom which holds memory across time. With their non-crystalline structure, plants are more flexible and adaptable in response to memory at both a cellular and subtle level. Blending both crystal and flower essences in this synergistic practice gifts us the healing and realignment properties of both natural gifts from the earth, with each taking the other to another level. The natural crystalline structure of crystal stones imbue them with inherent physical properties that have long been recognized by modern science and technology. Crystal radios were embraced in the early 20th century. Crystals are base components of laser and microprocessing technology. If you are in a dark room with a quartz crystal and you strike one end of the crystal with a hammer you can see an electrical spark demonstrating the crystals transfer of kinetic energy (motion) at one end into electrical energy (the spark) at the other. This innate property of transforming energy is intrinsic to the powerful healing afforded by crystals. Remember that we are imbued with free will and our choosing to release negative beliefs is paramount for lasting change. We always choose sometimes unconsciously but we choose.

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Quotes: “The history of medicine is the search for what’s inside the black box called the human body and how it functions.” Paul Zane Pilzer

Tonya Drew