Episode 41: Wanted: Soulmate - What is a Soulmate?

Who are your true soulmates? With some people you feel such a profound connection that you wonder if you have known each other in previous lives. Can it be true? What is a soul mate, and is it compatible with having a kindred spirit or a twin soul? Can you have only one, or are there more soulmates out there for you?These are questions that I asked myself on my trip to Nicaragua.

Geert Kimpel a Dutch writer distinguishes between soulmates and kindred spirits. Kabbalah says we all come to this world as half a soul. We stumble around our existence trying other halves, preparing for the day when we will meet our kindred spirit.  God created Adam and Eve and this is why we walk around with half a soul, and it is our task to find our other half and reunite with him or her to make us whole again. The concept of being half a person and missing the other half can be found in may myths and traditional tales (Aristophanes). Plato described it in his book Symposium in the 4th century BC he said that all people were spherical and very strong. Zeus split them down the middle and halved people's power and at the same time doubled the number of people who could make offerings to god. Apollo  turned faces toward the side of the Lund so that people would understand what had happened to them and reflect on their behavior. The reason Aristophanes told the story was to explain the phenomenon of erotic and attraction. Kimpen suggest to find out if the person is your kindred spirit or not is to not sleep with them for a month and see if the energy still flows can you spend night after night talking, dancing, if your time together seems infinite it is more than just trust. The attraction of the soul is a strong and vibrant as the physical attraction.

Thooft suggests you consider how many stars would you give your spiritual affinity?

Five Stars-You recognize each other’s ideals and mission in life it is that feeling that you have known each other for years and could talk the rest of your life. If you have the same goals in life, the same ideals, the same values you know where you want to go and you recognize that in each other then you are kindred spirits. These two individuals function as if they were one; two bodies but one soul. It’s absolute harmony, love in its ultimate form and occluding to Osho this very rare

Four Stars-You have a clear view of what you learned in previous lives and you know why you are on earth this time, you can recognize the mission in another’s person’s life, what you have with that person is a sense of security, a sense of freedom to flourish, You stimulate each other to give the best of you have to give, you usually have important life lessons to learn together- this is not necessarily easy or fun- you can also experience a tremendous loss together or go through a terrible crisis. The important thing is that you deeply respect and trust each other, that you enrich each other’s lives and that the other person makes you feel seen and understood.

Three Stars- This is a group of souls that end up meeting each other throughout life and fortify each other you can think of it as an spiritual affinity. People feel a profound connection and have a strong sense of knowing each other there can also be friction, clashes or downright serious conflicts.

Artists Jean-Marc Vallee plays with this theme in his film Cafe De Florence. His film shows how hard it can be if people who feel like kindred spirits become  separated and that you can transcend the whole idea.

All people and animals are each other’s soulmates so in short, everyone is your soulmate, all 7 billion people on the plant plus the countless billions that once lived and will live in the future. You are a kindred spirit to everything that lives, the entire universe and all the stars and planets. When you feel this you feel complete and you have united the masculine and feminine in your own souls and you value all relationships.

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