Episode 10: Pause in Time: Living in the Moment

Kim grew up on a farm and has learned to look to nature for life wisdom. The trees grow ring by ring as time shows itself in circles

  • We would like to live “in the moment” but what is that moment actually?

  • We try to control time, and yet it slips through our fingers. How can you be happy in the now?

  • We measure time in a circle with our clocks and watches but that doesn’t mean we understand what it is?

  • TIme is elusive and mysterious an hour can seem like an infinite desert stretching ahead or run through our fingers like sand.

  • Time turns into syrup when you’re bored, sick or frightened.

  • Time flies when you get a new impression when you are doing something to tally absorbed in and your having fun.

  • The busier we are the faster time seems to disappear, yet we want to hold on to time and savor it.

  • There are three ways to experience the now: 1)Open your senses. What do you feel, smell, hear, see and taste? 2)Focus your attention. When you listen to someone, truly listen 3)Try to regard the now as space instead of time the space inside of you in which everything happens. You are the now!

  • Is spiritual time our solution to the enigma of time?

  • Life is always in the now.

  • When you talk about your life or think about it, where is it exactly? Did you start pursuing your mind looking for archives that you think are your life so you can build a story around them?

  • Simply be- stop aiming for enlightenment in the future and feel right now that you are in awareness that perceives things.

  • Grant yourself the time to be happy! You have got this!

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  • “Time passes by while you measure it out while you try to work out the time you have left time passes by but to beat the clock you should remember to forget the times.” Liselore Gerritsen

Tonya Drew