Episode 22: The Story of Your Hands: Mudra

Hand gestures have been in every culture and can be seen with a quick trip to your local art museum. Civilizations such as Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Aborigines in Australia, Ancient Indians and Chinese, Africans, Turks, Fijians, Mayan Cultures, Inuit, Native Indians all used hand gestures. In modern times we could think of the handshake, the peace sign, applause, the index finger shake, a raised flat hand to single  a stop and so on. There are many takes on hand gestures such as it hits reflexology points in the hand, communication such as sign language, many gestures are universal and date back thousands of years. In yoga we call them mudras.

-The relationship of body and mind is indeed a very mysterious one. Mondrian Psychologists often refer to it as the mind body problem. Vedic traditions have explored this mysterious connection as part of their quest for inner purify the mind from its maturities. Mental impurities (Citta Mala) include such things as hatred, anger, pride, greed, envy, ignorance, selfish lust and so on. They are considered impurities because they are at the root of all suffering and also because they are obstacles to experience the inner bliss when they render the mind extrovert by constantly disturbing and agitating it. After purification the mind becomes introvert and peaceful. An introvert and peaceful mind has the potential to know and understand itself, and also to experience its deeper blissful nature the Self (Atman). Mudra works for the mind to support itself int he realm of the nameless and formless reality. It helps the mind to retain the awareness of an idea even without the aid of any verbal representation.

-Mudras help in clearing some of the Nadis of impurities of psychic, emotional origin. Mudras attracts cosmic energy in to the microsomes. They arouse the subtle body latent energy into awakened energy. All the dormant and passive nerve cells of the brain are awakened and stimulated into action. Mudras bring efficiency in the functioning of the organs and organ system of physical body.These energies hat mudra awakens, manifest as magnetic and electrical forces, depending on their form.

-Indu Aurora states in her book that there are 10 ways: Samkyha Philosophy, Prana, Acupressure and Reflexology, Marma Therapy, Physiology of Nervous System, Nadi’s, Chakra, Planets and their impact, Meridians and Pathways, and Karavalokanm.

-How long you hold a mudra is anywhere from 3 minutes to 45 minutes. It depends on what your intention is for the .

-It is important to remember that when using holistic tools and a means to support your physical and emotional being that it takes consistent practice over weeks, months and years. Diseases take many months and years to erupt in the body. Health also means inner peace, and we can only have this when we live in peace with our surrounding world as well. As yourself are you living in discontentment with your inner forces? Perhaps working lovingly with a professional can help you eliminate and transform whatever is destructive for you currently.

-Mudras for Kim have helped her reduce anxiety, improve your meditation, help reduce coughing when she is sick and so on. Kim has used mudras with her clients who are having difficulty breathing, suffering from grief, frustration, anxiety, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and having trouble letting go.

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Quotes: “Always see the good in your fellow human beings, put the. Negative aspects of the past behind you, live completely in the present, and make the best you possible can of it. Expect the best from the future and remain in constant contact with cosmic consciousness - then nothing will stand in the way of a meaningful and happy life.” Gertrud Hirschi

Tonya Drew