Episode 18: Exercises in Patience

Have you struggled with the phrase “Patience is a virtue”?

-Is Patience a quality?

-Why is it important?

-Is it a skill I really need to learn?

-What is patience anyway?

-Patience is the opposite of annoyance, complaint, loss of temper, irritation, willingness to suppress restlessness.

-Patience is an important tool in overcoming frustration and allows us to suspend judgement long enough to make informed decisions, thus paving the path to a happy and peaceful life.

-Have you ever worked for a patient leader and one with a short fuse. Patience is a virtue you work on but as such it is not a skill that can be learned. You can however learn what triggers your impatience and manage this reaction so you have an option to respond and to honor your intention.

-Patience is a state of being that occurs between experience and reaction. It is learning tools that help you deal with delays and obstacles.

-Practicing patience with yourself! What does it mean to be patient with myself? What benefits would I experience by being patient with myself? What can I do to become more patient with myself?

-It is about dealing with your own thoughts and emotions and as spiritual beings St here is unbounded, limitless, presence within you that is constantly seeking expression.

-We have become instant gratification and spontaneous beings so when problems arise when we think and do things and it doesn’t seem to produce immediate results.

-Do you get hung up on the word “seem”?  Wisdom supports the idea every heartfelt intention and desire is met with support from the universe and then we get the choice to make decisions that affect your experience.

-Patience is the ability to not be troubled by life’s changes, delayed, or other undesirables. IT is the ability to practice and maintain stillness in the midst of disappointment.

-Use your awareness of yourself to maintain your calm. Tap into your stillness and preserve it.

-Look for moments as self-reflection as opportunities to strengthen yourself in grace.

-Virtue is a positive life quality that is evidence of healed images in the heart. Healed images result from removing the lies from images and replacing them with truth. Targeting a virtue such as patience can also be a way you choose to heal. You become more and more able to choose what is good and right for your life.

Show Resources:

-The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue https://www.amazon.com/dp/1455502006/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_jDv9Bb9D0GBW2

Tonya Drew