Episode 14: Exercises in Compassion

Meta is a Buddhist concept that stands for loving kindness and goes along with the yoga word samsara which is the cycle of ignorance and suffering

Kwan Yin is probably 2500 years ago and originated before Buddhism but is known as a goddess in China. She is a metaphorical figure that is about mercy and solace, charity and friendship, compassion and empathy these are all characteristics used to describe her and a meta meditation.

Kwan Yin wants to save everybody she will not rest until it has been done. She doesn’t distinguish between good and bad or between human and animals. She believes that everyone must be saved from hell and hell means a dark place in our souls.  Kwan Yin wants to save the murderer and the victim, the terror it’s as well as the people he attacks. Sometimes you hear this darkness in the soul referred to as blindness, being blind to the pain of others. You can look at enlightenment as being headlined or the light in darkness. In light everyone is welcomed.

Samsara is a thinking error it is informative and forever going around in circles. Have you ever pined for one thing and resented another. Reality collides with our desires and expectations and we run into the same walls time and again. This is where the meta or compassion is found where the flowers of mercy, solace, charity, friendship, compassion and empathy can bloom in our souls. Compassion is like a muscle you train it needs training in order to grow strong.

As you start a meta practice begin to notice your behavior, mechanisms and repossess you have become more visible. You may suddenly notice what is below the surface, you knowing why, when you pay attention to the pain and trouble of others, you have compassion for others and ourselves. When you become aware of your childish and opportunist works of your brain, you see where emotions spring up, and the cause of our self-centered instincts and you see how they are linked together. Cause and Effect.

Aversions to one thing and preferences for another. It is an illusion of being intact, of being important of being the best.

Education helps become aware of our thoughts thoughts are the movements of the brain tang the brain is an organ. You teach yourself to become aware of internal processes. This is a painful process. Self-compassion will grow.

Remember Kwan Yin’s teaching that everyone has the ability to open their eyes to the unveiled truth. When everyone pays attention to the pain and trouble of others everyone will have compassion for others and  for themselves and everyone will be saved.

-May I be happy. May I be peaceful and fulfilled. May I be healed and whole., May I have everything I need and desire. May I be protected from evil and free from all fear. May I have inner peace and wielding. May I be awakened and find liberation. May I experience peace in this life, world and throughout the universe. May you be.... May All Creatures be.......

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