Episode 6: What Type of alternative medicine suits you? Introduction to Integrative Health Modalities.

There is a diverse complexity to yoga therapy and other integrative health modalities; the simplicity is the most difficult aspect. Listen to Kim and Tonya tease out layers throughout their podcast progression.

  • Physical practice, breath, meditation, philosophical practice, and somatic discussion. For example, “bottom up” refers to processing sensory information as it comes in and “top down” refers to perception that is driven by cognition, ie. CBT vs Somatic therapies.

  • They talk about the various experiences they have had with different modalities such as : massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy,  muscle activation therapy, Thai massage,, Rolfing, hellerwork, reflexology, nutrition, Chinese medicine, intuitive eating, nutritionist, holistic dentistry, reiki, past life regression, NLP, naturopathic dr., cranial sacral work, hypnotherapy, Accupuncture, herbal medicine and essential oils

  • They believe in stead of saying “my modality is the only way to healing” to take an integrative medicine approach and allow a combination of services to work for an individual. The more healers come together the richer the healing can be.

  • How about you, what have you tried?

  • What are you interest in trying?

  • What has been most successful for you?

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Tonya Drew