Episode 7: Musculoskeletal Conditions Part 2 - Introduction to Low Back

Low Back Pain (LBP) is the most commonly sought and or referred pain related issue to movement based practices and therapeutics.

  • Common causes and conditions are week core, improper use of lower back, disc Jeri nation, disc rupture, scar tissue buildup, stenosis

  • Basic Back anatomy/ function 3 natural curves cervical, thoracic, lumbar- while lower back pain typically concerns the lumbar and sacral

  • Lumbar curve is a secondary curve

  • After the age of 25 the intervertebral discus no longer receive direct blood supply and the lumbar region has lots of space between the spinous processes and thick juicy disks that we want to keep them juicy through movement

  • If we want stability and length in the vertebral column we must allow the normal curves of the spine to be

  • The lumbar spine is designed to function best as weight bearing structure when the lumbar spine is in its neutral position

  • The lumbar spine consists of five massive kidney-shaped vertebrae

  • The ideal angle between the trunk and femurs is 120 degrees so you really need to lift the pelvis up when seated.

  • Yoga and other exercise therapies strengthen muscles for support, increase flexibility, re-education posture/ movement techniques, increased body awareness, decreased pain/increased understanding when working with pain.

  • The lumbar spine is free in flexion and exterior and is limited in twisting

  • The lower back carries all the weight and responsibility of being human. It supports the weight from above and just as as we care the weight of responsibility of our world.  This area also has to do with survival, security and self-support.

  • Have you tried asking for help?

  • Do you want to curl up and hide?

  • Do you doubt your ability to support yourself?

  • Yoga is a terrific tool for low back pain, understanding your anatomical needs and moving accordingly can change your life. It is also valuable preventative medicine.

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