Episode 8: Breath Your Way to Happiness - Do you know what makes you happy?

Breath is our life force and our anchor.

  • Cheerful is not happiness; happiness is an emotion in which we experience a range of feelings, from contentment and satisfaction to joy and elation.

  • Sitting in stillness with your breath can allow you to hear the quietest voice within it is often simple things like the sun shining, breakfast, meditating, someone smiling at you, seeing a butterfly, mediation, gifts to yourself.

  • Set a joy reminder on your phone and spark joy in yourself in the present moment.

  • Focus on the breath - are you breathing up high, in your chest or deeper in your stomach? Allow the breath to grow with each cycle and imagine a big smile on your belly that grows with each breath until they hole body is smiling.

  • You are responsible for your own happiness - What are you doing to bring yourself joy? Remember happiness is an experience and not found in stuff!

  • Daring to be happy takes guts!

  • Happiness is a choice and you are responsible for your own emotions (no blaming).

  • When you allow someone else to determine your happiness you are being depends on them and giving away your power.

  • Sometimes our ideas on what happiness should be, get in the way of happiness.

  • Deeper inner contentment comes from the inside and in order to feel it, you have to allow yourself to open your heart and soul.

  • Life is not perfect, it is not in our control, life is difficult and uncomfortable when you learn to accept light and dark we can learn to embrace life the way it is, and allow sour energy to be lighter.

  • Positive psychology works! How can you choose to be more happy?

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